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Glaucio De Souza Barreto

Glaucio De Souza Barreto

Glaucio, a skilled Brazilian physiotherapist with over a decade of expertise, graduated in
2012 and brings his wealth of knowledge to Australia. His international experience
encompasses a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, from neck and shoulder conditions
to issues with elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. Glaucio’s holistic approach addresses mild
aches, sprains, and work-related injuries, focusing on long-term well-being.
Renowned for his mastery in managing acute and chronic pain, Glaucio excels in soft tissue
massage techniques, ensuring unparalleled relief for muscle discomfort. With a background
in sports and training, he has assisted Brazilian and Australian athletes in overcoming and
preventing injuries.
As a visionary practitioner, Glaucio integrates Pilates principles into his methodology,
offering not only treatment for existing injuries but also powerful preventive measures
against future musculoskeletal challenges, helping you to achieve a healthier posture and
spine. Join us in welcoming a new era of physiotherapy, guided by Glaucio’s skilled hands
and compassionate heart. Your unique needs are his top priority. Come, experience the
transformative care you deserve!

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