Aged Care.

iPHYSIO supports clients large and small across Australia. We understand that each facility is unique in its structure and are therefore versatile in our approach to care.

Our physiotherapists provide the best care to residents and ensure they are working holistically with all care staff, achieving all relevant funding and supporting accreditation standards.

Benefits include:

  • Our therapists are all experts in Aged Care
  • Ongoing training and development is provided to all our staff
  • Our therapists complete all documentation to support ACFI funding
  • Complex pain management treatments
  • Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation
  • Our therapists have an active ageing focus

With the limited funding in Aged Care, we have developed a unique program that gives access to pain management and mobility to all residents, one which is suitable to their condition and achieves the appropriate funding. Utilising a holistic, coordinated team approach, our physios are able to assess and treat the frailest residents, limiting the financial burden and maximising funding.

Our mission is more than just improving the quality of life for our residents through providing complex pain management, we are always looking for innovative ways to optimise mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation. Adopting this approach has meant we not only meet the ACFI requirements but it ensures our residents are receiving the active ageing services they need.

We believe all our residents have the right to live as pain-free as possible and have the opportunity to optimise their mobility and dexterity. Seeing the progress and improvement of our senior friends is the heartbeat of who we are as a team and an organisation.

Our Service:

  • All documentation including care plans, progress notes, manual handling charts with unlimited updates and reviews
  • Ongoing assessment and review of residents with changed conditions
  • Hands-on treatment, mobility and rehabilitation by a dedicated, experienced and innovative team of physios
  • A tailored holistic team approach that maintains funding and assesses every resident’s overall care needs – ADLS behaviours and CHC
  • Equipment prescription
  • Weekly communication with clinical ACFI coordinators and care team to achieve the most appropriate funding
  • Competent and timely care treatment and support of all residents and care staff
  • Falls reviews
  • Utilising all resources available – not just 1 to 1 physiotherapy – to minimise overservicing
  • Continuous improvement and world-class education for existing and new care staff delivered monthly
  • Our service packages do not differentiate pain management, mobility, rehabilitation – all are part of the service