About us.

The iPHYSIO team are dedicated to improving the quality of life and movement for individuals and communities throughout Australia.

Motivated by quality care and driven by results, we are proud to have treated and assessed over 10,000 citizens and improved the performance and synergy of dozens of facilities and care teams.


Outstanding service in a stable environment

Never settle for less than excellence

Innovate and do more with less

Run the best practice and ensure the best results

Our state-of-the-art clinics across Sydney offer the latest in physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, dry needling, massage therapy and clinical Pilates services.

At iPHYSIO we know how important it is to return to what you love pain free. That is why our team are dedicated to treating the cause of your symptoms and not just the result. We take full pride in our work and offer a professional service like no other.

All our consultations are one on one and consist of a range of techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, dry needling, stretching, pain relief in the form of heat or ice and an individualised exercise program.